1What types of pets do you care for?
Puget Sound Pets most often cares for dogs and cats, but we also offer care for birds, rabbits, gerbils and other small animals. We do NOT offer services for horses,livestock, or for any animal that is illegal to own
2If I use Puget Sound Pets for dog walks, will my dog be walked with other dogs?
Should you chose to entrust your dog to us for daily walks, rest assured your dog will only be walked with siblings (dogs that live in the same home) or with dogs that have been approved to walk with your dog via our Buddy Program

We feel the best way to maximize your dog’s walk time is to ensure complete one-on-one attention for your dog(s) and so while we can’t control the public, do our best to ensure your dog does not come into contact with people or other animals when they are out on their walk.
3Can I schedule a specific service time?
Puget Sound Pets does not accept time specific calls. Due to the unpredictable nature of pet care and Seattle traffic patterns, we provide services during in windows. We give our team the flexibility to arrange their schedules/routes within time blocks to be most effective for their commute/drive. We do inform our team of any specific timing requests and ask that they do what they can to reasonably accommodate those while giving preference to senior pets and puppies with weaker bladders, but at the end of the day, we do NOT guarantee the timing of the walks outside the below service windows:
  • Morning Window: 8am- 10am
  • Mid Day Window: 1030am-230pm
  • Evening Window: 3pm- 6pm
  • Late Night Window: 7pm- 10pm (Special Arrangements Only)
4How do I set up services with Puget Sound Pets?
Begin by filling out our questionnaire, emailing us at schedule@pugetsoundpet.com or by calling us at (206) 354-7861 (please be sure to leave a message

if nobody is able to take your call that includes your name, pet’s name, phone number and a brief description of how we can help you, including dates if you know them). From there we will reach out within 24 hours to discuss setting up a meet and greet assessment. This complimentary consultation allows us to asses your pet in their home environment, review care/home entry instructions, your scheduling needs, and review our service agreement.

Once we confirm we would be a good match to provide services, we will send you an invitation to download our scheduling application and then we will pair you with a pet care specialists (or two) that can meet your needs.
5What is your screening process for staff/what is your hiring process?
  • At Puget Sound Pets, we understand the importance of investing in the people we trust to care for your pets, which unlike other pet care services, which primarily utilize independent contractors to provide services, all of our team members are employees. This allows us to provide guidance and support to ensure our team can deliver the premiere you expect when you invest in a pet care service such as ours.
  • Our selection process is thorough and rigorous to ensure only the most quality of people are providing care. Candidates must first answer a questionnaire designed to demonstrate good judgment and decision making skills. The most promising of candidates are invited to a face to face interview where we delve further into decision making, judgement, basic animal husbandry, and a “how would you handle...” question and answer session.
  • If we continue to feel the candidate would be a good fit, they are then invited to a supervised walk with one of our “interview dogs” where we assess how they handle pets that are super friendly, but exuberant/high energy. We review how to approach a new dog, what to do should they encounter concerning behaviors, home security considerations, medication administration, puppy/kitten care, senior pet considerations, customer service and basic pet first aid. Selected candidates are thoroughly background checked by an investigative firm after which Tory or a member of senior management schedules joint walks/visits to help further train, educate, and support our staff in providing premier care. Company policies, pet care expectations, home management/security expectations are also addressed in detail helping ensure they are comfortable with their routine and new clients.
6What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express via a secure online billing system. Payment is expected every Tuesday for services provided the previous Monday-Sunday.
7Are you insured?
Puget Sound Pets, LLC is licensed, bonded and insured through Business Insurers of the Carolinas.
8Do you give medications?
Yes our pet care specialists are trained to administer oral medications to pets who’s temperaments allow for that to be done safely. We additionally have staff members that can administer eye/ear medication, injectable medications, and subcutaneous fluids. All of these services are available by special arrangement at an additional cost.
9Suppose my pet becomes ill while I’m away, how do you handle that?
At each meet and greet, we discuss your pets medical conditions and medications. We make sure we have a thorough understanding of your pet’s medical history and any issues that may arise while you are away. Puget Sound Pets is proud to be the only pet Sitting Service of this type in the Seattle area that offers veterinary support. The owners are a veterinarian/veterinary technician that together now have over 20 years of experience in emergency and specialty veterinary medicine. We offer regular continuing education opportunities to our staff and are on call 24/7 when services are actively going on. Our staff stays in regular communication with us while you are away and alerts us right away to even the smallest details they are concerned about. Before you go out of town, we’ll ask you to give us any updates on your pet’s health since the last time we watched them. We also keep your pet’s primary veterinarian’s information in their profile, along with your preferences for emergency hospitals and discuss your philosophy/ wishes in the event we are unable to get in touch with you while you are out of town. In the event of an emergency, we will triage the situation over the phone, provide instruction to the sitter until we can personally assess the situation ourselves. In the event your pet needs emergency veterinary treatment, we will have them taken to the clinic and follow our directives until we are able to reach you for further instructions.
10I have a house alarm- is that a problem?
Not at all, we frequently serve clients with house alarms.
11Should I tip the pet sitter/dog walker?
Gratuity is entirely at your discretion. If you do decide to leave Gratuity 100% of that goes to the sitter/dog walker that have provided services and if services were split, the gratuity will be prorated between the employees that provided care. Our pet sitting software generates a report card at each visit that includes a link to leave gratuity to simplify the process!
12How far in advance do I need to reserve for pet sitting services?
We recommend booking 6-8 weeks in advance for high volume periods of time especially if you are looking for overnight pet care. We have a limited number of overnight pet sitters and they book up fast especially during the holidays, spring break, summer vacation, etc. If we can accommodate your request with less notice we make every effort to accommodate that, however we do NOT provide services without a meet and greet.
13What areas do you service?
We offer dog walking & pet sitting services in the greater Seattle area including Ballard, Fremont, Capital Hill, Queen Anne, Lake Forest Park, Greenlake, Greenwood, Wedgewood, U-District, Shoreline, Wedgewood, Columbia City, West Seattle, and Renton.
14When is payment due?
We invoice services through our online billing platform every Tuesday. The invoice will include all services provided the previous Monday-Sunday.
15What is your cancellation policy?
We understand that plans change and life happens and do our best to be flexible in that while ensuring our employees are able to earn a consistent and stable incoming doing what they love. Our cancellation policy differs depending on the type of service you need and the time of year.

  • Recurring Dog Walking Services:
    • 36+ Hours Notice: No Fee
    • Less than 36 Hours Notice: 100% of service total
  • Pet Sit Visits
    • 36+ Hours Notice: No Fee
    • Less than 36 Hours Notice: 100% of service total
  • Taxi Services
    • 36+ Hours Notice: No Fee
    • Less than 36 Hours Notice: 100% of service total
  • Overnight Visits
    • 7+ Days Notice: No fee
    • 5-7 Days Notice: 25% of entire bill
    • 5 days- 48 Hours Notice: 50% of service total
    • Less than 48 Hours Notice: 100% of the service total
  • Holiday Service Cancellation Policy
    • Recurring Dog Walks
      • 36+ Hours Notice: No Fee
      • Less than 36 Hours Notice: 100% of service total
    • Pet Sit Visits/Non-Recurring Dog Walks
      • 72+ Hours Notice: No Fee
      • 72-36 Hours Notice: 50% of invoice total
      • Less than 36 Hours Notice: 100% of invoice total
    • Overnight Visits
      • Subject to a 2 night booking minimum
      • 14+ Days notice: No Fee
      • 10-14 Days notice: 50% of Invoice Total
      • Less than 10 Days Notice: 100% of Invoice Total
    16How do you facilitate home entry?
    Puget Sound Pets recommends the use of a lockbox/code system in place of standard keys where possible. This practice ensures uninterrupted access to your home even if we have to send a last minute replacement to cover services. Alternatively, we can use transitional house keys. We need two copies (or a suitable back up method to gain entry should the traditional key fail) for all out of town clients. Most client prefers to exchange keys at the initial meet and greet as any key exchanges outside of this visit incur a $20 fee each trip needed for the exchange. If a client opts to leave a hidden key on location, Puget Sound Pets is not liable for any damages that incur as a result.
    17When and how are keys returned to me?
    Keys for non-recurring clients will be returned within a week of completed services. The majority of clients opt for keys to be stored with Puget Sound Pets for future services. Any keys that are left in our care will be stored at our office when not in use.
    18What are your hours of operation?
    Office Hours:
    • Weekday: 8:00am- 6:00pm
    • Weekend: 10:00am-4:00pm
    Pet Care Hours:
    • 7 Days a week, 24 hours a day
    19What are your holiday rates and procedures?

    Puget Sound Pets considers the following holidays:

    • January 1st
    • Memorial Day and associated weekend (Friday-Monday)
    • Independence Day
    • Labor Day and associated weekend (Friday- Monday)
    • Thanksgiving & the Friday after
    • December 24
    • December 25
    • January 31st

    Each service provided on a holiday will be subject to a 50% surcharge.

    Holiday cancellation policies are as follows:

    • Recurring Dog Walks
      • 36+ Hours Notice: No Fee
      • Less than 36 Hours Notice: 100% of service total (including holiday surcharge)
    • Pet Sit Visits/Non-Recurring Walks
      • 72+ Hours Notice: No Fee
      • 72-36 Hours Notice: 50% of invoice total (including holiday surcharges)
      • Less than 36 Hours Notice: 100% of service total (including holiday surcharge)
    • Overnight Visits:
      • Subject to a 2 night booking minimum
      • 14+ Days notice: No Fee
      • 10-14 Days notice: 50% of Invoice Total (including holiday surcharges)
      • Less than 10 Days Notice: 100% of Invoice Total (including holiday surcharges)

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