Puget Sound Pets Team

Tory Gannon & Jason Goodwin


(206) 354-7861

Tory & Jason are a husband and wife team that manage a team of pet care specialists that provide dog walking/pet sitting services in the greater Seattle are. As a veterinarian (Jason) and licensed veterinary technician (Tory) we are proud to be the only service of this type that offers comprehensive veterinary support to our team, ensuring your pets receive the best care possible even when you can’t provide that care yourself. As pet parents ourselves, we understand that animals are as distinct and individual as their human counterparts and aim to ensure their unique needs are being met. We also understand the trust that is required to allow somebody to enter your home and care for a member of your family. We have focused our professional lives on caring for dogs and cats in the veterinary hospital for over 10 years and are excited to be able to expand the care we can offer through our amazing team of Pet Care Specialists. We want to ensure that your pet is able to live their best life surrounded by people as devoted to their care as you are. You can rest assured that on those days where you can’t be there to provide aspects of your pet’s care yourself, your pet will receive the same high standard of care we expect for our own.

Pet Care Specialists

At Puget Sound Pets, we understand the importance of investing in the people we trust to care for your pets, unlike other pet care services, which primarily utilize independent contractors to provide services, all of our team members are employees. This allows us to provide guidance and support to ensuring our team can deliver the premiere care you expect when you invest in a pet care service such as ours.

Rebecca B.

Trainer/Pet Care Specialist

Rebecca has been working with dogs since 2004, exhibiting in dog shows, obedience, agility, and more. She has created multiple class curricula, worked with hundreds of private training clients, and instructed a variety of classes for both non-profit and professional training facilities.

I love providing personalized care for dogs and cats -- something I can do with Puget Sound Pets. Befriending and cultivating an individual relationship with an animal is a wholeheartedly rewarding experience. Your pet will notice the difference, and you will, too.

Bob F.

Pet Care Specialist

Retired from his position as King County Metro transportation planner where he designed both the bike-rack-on-bus and the jobs access program. Bob is a Seattle-native raised in the city’s Central Area and Rainier Valley. He's also a playwright and poet who loves dogs. Bob stays active walking the streets of his hometown as a part-time dog walker for Puget Sound Pets. He has raised and trained Shelties for over 20 years. An advocate for animal welfare, he has also been involved with animal rescue for more than 10 years. He began working for Puget Sound Pets about 8 years ago following the loss of his two border collies, Ami and Pepper both rescues.
Walking for Puget Sound Pets refocused me. The business is one of the most trusted in the Pacific Northwest. It bonded me with many new dogs. Walks are very calming and relaxing. We are intent on having a good, safe time as we explore their neighborhoods. In all these years, I’ve never had a dog that wasn’t important. There are moments before, during and after a walk where you can talk with a dog. They know they can trust you and others.

Eileen H.

Pet Care Specialist

I love animals and know they enrich our lives. I don't have a dog at home right now but I do have 4 cats including one kitten. I try to schedule a time each day that is just devoted to relaxing with my cats. Since I don't have a dog
I appreciate working for Puget Sound Pets because it allows me to enjoy the company of dogs and to bond with the dogs on my route. I love walking and enjoy working at a job where I get plenty of exercise!”

Lowen G.

Pet Care Specialist

After loving her job in an animal shelter, Lowen began working for Puget Pets in 2018. Animals are one of her greatest joys, and she enjoys keeping them happy and healthy. In her free time, Lowen likes to play music, weightlift, and read nonfiction.
I like working for Puget Pets because it allows a flexible schedule and I get to be paid to spend time with dogs

Ky M.

Pet Care Specialist/ Social Media Manager

I joined PugetPets in late 2015, and it started off as a side gig while I found my footing here in Seattle. But it turned out to be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding jobs I've ever had the pleasure of working, and I've had quite a few! I found a niche working with animals with special needs, whether it be behavioral or medical, and seeing them everyday is always heartwarming. I've become part of the family with multiple clients and their pets. I like to say it is nearly impossible to have a bad day when every half hour, a family dog comes running up to you with their tail wagging, with nothing but joy in their eyes. Seattle is a beautiful city so being able to work outdoors is a bonus, especially if you're close to one of the many parks here.
Working as a pet care specialists, has turned out to be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding jobs I’ve ever had ... Its nearly impossible to have a bad day when every half hour, a family dog comes running up to you with their tail wagging with nothing but joy in their eyes.

Kristi K.

Pet Care Specialist/House Keeping Specialist

Animals and their care is my passion!

Tristian L.

Pet Care Specialist

Hello! I am a lover of both dogs and the outdoors so, naturally, I gravitate towards being with dogs in the outdoors. Mindfulness is a daily focus of mind so it's really nice to get to practice this when I'm exploring new neighborhoods with my furry friends. Outside of walking dogs, I am a watercolor artist and a lover of nature. There is nothing quite as serene as being isolated in the wilderness. The pressure of having to maintain awareness of my surroundings is always a wondrous experience as I often stumble across the most beautiful moments that would have otherwise passed me by.
It’s always a joy to learn from the variety of pups I get to meet as they are such mindful creatures. They quite literally stop to smell the roses, then maybe pee on them too and it’s great! I love how they are entirely present.

Jessica (Jey) P.

Pet Care Specialist

I have one dog currently, a 8 year-old Blue Doberman named Baloo. He’s the apple of my eye. He’s sweet, affectionate, goofy, and the perfect balance of drive and being a couch potato when it’s time. I adopted Baloo in Texas when he was one of the rescue dogs assigned to me as I was attending Starmark (a dog training school). Baloo has taught me so much in how to work with dogs and how they are as individuals.

Sierra Z.

Pet Care Specialist

Hi there, my name is Sierra! My career goal since I was a very young girl has been to work with animals. I graduated from the University of Idaho, with a major in Fishery Resources and a minor in Wildlife Resources in the College of Natural Resources. Since then, I have worked at a marine mammal center in Northern California, where I was able to learn about marine mammals and fulfill my passion for helping them. I am now here, in the greater Seattle area, gaining more experience with animal care in various ways to aid in my journey of eventually becoming a marine mammal rehabilitator.
I am a dedicated, hardworking individual that connects well with people and animals. I am excited to be a part of this team to help keep your pets active, healthy, and happy. I assure you that I will treat your furry friends like they are my own, not just because I am an animal lover, but because it is how I want my furry family members to be treated while I am away. I am looking forward to meeting you and your pets!