Puppy Visits in Greater Seattle

A puppy, just like a new baby is an exciting addition to any family that along with the joy and love they bring can present new and unexpected challenges. 

  • Do you find you are late to work or rushing home early to tend to a puppy that is amped up with boredom?
  • Are you finding accidents in the house, contending with chewing/digging or a puppy that’s hungry for attention once you’re home? 

Let our pet care specialists help with these challenges by setting up puppy visits!  As with our other services, each puppy visit is tailored to the uniqueness of your puppy’s personality and designed to help support your training regimen, leash manners, and potty training while providing appropriate mental stimulation and socialization. Puppy visits are scheduled for 15 (minimum of 2 daily visits must be scheduled), 30, 45 & 60 minute time slots and can be scheduled in the service window of your choice.

Rates for Puppy Visits

15 Minute Visit (minimum of two daily visits)

$20 Each/1st Puppy

30 Minute Visit

$31/Visit for the first Puppy

45 Minute Visit

$35/Visit for the first Puppy

60 Minute Visit

$45/Visit for the first Puppy


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